Summer but Rainy.

Hello!! I don't have any idea, Why it's become rainy lately. It should be summer! But, it's okay, because this month is Ramadhan! And with this gloomy weather, I don't need to feel so tired or hot because of the sun. But, some of fashion stores are selling summer collection with floral print, pastels, abstract print, skirt, hotpants, shredded, and any related to summer fashion.

Don't worry guys, we can still wear our summer clothes and mix it up with blazer or leather jacket and shawl. I made this combination with polyvore. Maybe some of you have polyvore account and mine is glaydie. :)

Summet to Fall

Pastels color are the best between summer and fall. Still looks fresh like summer but also warming us from this gloom weather. And how about the make up? Pick natural one, don't too much, because we don't wanna look like wear a heavy mask on our face rite? 

Beauty Pastels

That's my opinion fashion and beauty from me. How about you guys?
* I'm going to make vlog about fashion and make up. So, prepare guys. :)



Visa said...

love the sets! rad blog as well, would love it if we could perhaps follow each other on GFC? please feel free to check out my blog and let me know if you'd like to.


Divanda Gitadesiani said...

Hello :) Thanks a lot for visited my blog. Yes, I'd love to follow each other on GFC. But it's that true that GFC will be shut down? or Maybe you can follow my bloglovin' too.

I'm going to check your blog too..


Patrizia Alfredo said...

You're so stylish! :) followed you on GFC!


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