Go Classic & Be Sunshine

My final project deadline is about 5 days more. And I haven't finished my paper. :( I feel like stuck on writing, yeah you can see in my blog, I write less than talking with pictures. For final project, I make a TV Commercial for Golden Sugar. I hope everything will turn good.

Beside that, I found my old picture on my computer ( I don't remember I have ever shot this one). I think this photo is taken years 2010. Looks thinner than now.

I wore vintage outfits. I just remember that I used studded heels from Charlies & Keith. Wear vintage outfits will turn out unexpected style, that's why I love vintage. Fashion is like a circle, so safe your outfits until it's happening again or use it to make your style is special.

Floral Vintage

Made a style at polyvore again!! Haha, I don't know, why polyvore is really addicted to me. maybe, it's because I can't afford all of fashion stuff. So, in polyvore I can imagine that I have all of that. 

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Patrizia Alfredo said...

So petty! I love vintage clothes! :)


Visa said...

great throw back photo, love the skirt. and all the best with your paper.


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