New Year!! New spirit!!

Happy new year all!! Again, Late to say because this month is hectic of final exam!!
I haven't make any resolution for 2013. But, I know the most important in this year is GRADUATION FROM BACHELOR MAJOR!!! Amin!! Just wish me luck so i get the best result for the final exam.
Anyway, I had a photoshot yesterday for helping photography exam's friend. The theme is about beauty birds. So, here it's the snapshot of that day.

That's our team for photoshot yesterday. We had a lot of fun. Thank you guys, I hope you get the best score . 

Wardrobe by me
Make up by Rissa Afriany Amelia
Photo taken by Rissa Afriany Amelia

So, happy weekend everyone. :D

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Putri Valentina said...

Found you on lookbook :D
cute photo dear :)


Divanda Gitadesiani said...

Hello, nice to meet u .
Thank you so much.
Yours are cool too!!

Ruby and Rosa said...

found you on lookbook too! :D hahaha
nice photography ^^

mind to follow each others?
followed you!
keep in touch :*

Divanda Gitadesiani said...

thank you darl <3
Nice to meet you.

I just followed you :D
keep in touch

Ruby and Rosa said...

thankyouuu ^^
keep in touch :D
waiting for your next post !

Putri Valentina said...

nice photography
cool and cute :D


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