Yeiy! another photoshoot is published on my facebook and deviantart. I needed extra time to pick the best photos out of hundred photos. Juwita is my model friend, she asked me to shoot her for her portfolio. And I accepted and make up will be provided by me, because she can't make up by herself. It's hard to find outdoor location in Jakarta. Because any places is secured by satpam/ police, and they will say that the place is not allowed for photoshoot. In the middle of metropolitan and buildings around Jakarta, finally I found this place. Thanks for Amy, for let me know this place. 

Okay, I shot this with my only one lovely DSLR Nikon D5000 with Nikorr Fix lense 50mm f 1.4. I prefer using natural light in this section, even the sun is really hot and bright really brightly. So, I decided to use reflector to smoothing the light, so the shadow isn't really contrast. 
Check it out,

Photographer : Divanda Gitadesiani

Model : Juwita Ratna Sari
Ass.Photographer : Reviani Widi Kartika
MUA : Rissa Afriany Amelia 

Please, do not use any pictures of this without any my permission or the model. Because this is paid shot, and the model own this pictures. Thank you

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