Hello again my readers, It's busy awhile but I really enjoying every sec in it. :)
Maybe, in my last post. I feel so lonely, regret and the other stuff. And now, I think it's time to move on and reach my dream to come true. I already said that I wanna be a supermodel and fashion photographer. Yes, I do! I participated an UIFASHIONWEEK audition. AND I MADE IT!! I'm so happy to know that I can be one of runway model in fashion event. Hope, that I'll be the best I have in runway.

Besides that, I have launching my new brand called MISSY MOUSTACHE CLOTHING . Please klik it, and like the FB page. :D . It sells any kind of crop tee, asymmetric tee, fringe tee. I don't have to much collection here. But, soon (in progress) I'll launch another tee with the best design. Just wait for it.
So, if any of you interests with my stuff. Just comment in FB Page or Sms to 08561027420.

I'm waiting for you to buy. See u on next collection.


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