Make up! Make up!

To waste my holiday I join in modeling school. When I was there, I feel like this is my world will begin. I really wanna be a model and live in fashion industry. I can't live without it. Fashion is my passion, and I will be a model.

Recently, I found make up tutorial by pixiwoo. You should check it, it is good tutorial. i really love it. One of my fav tuto is:

Next post I'll take a snapshot with my make up. But now, I'll write down what I always use for my make up day:

1. B&B Cream by Maybelline
2. Compact Powder "Sand Beige" by Maybelline
3. Maskara Curl by Maybelline
4. Blush On by Maybelline
5. Liquid eyeliner by NYX
6. White and blue pen eyeliner by Borjouis
7. Lip Butter by Body Shop

Yeah, I am maybelline lover cause the price is so average and give the maximum result. 

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