A little fact about me

I don't have anything to do. So I decided to write a little fact about me. Just pretending that I am interviewed by someone. Haha. I've been dreaming to be Inspirational person in this world someday. 

Q: Tell us a little words about you and your life?
A: Hmm.. I am Divanda Gitadesiani, still in 19 years old just for another months I'm going to be 20. My life is just like an ordinary girl as usual. Go to university, doing homework, hang out, and other activity which is to bored for me. 

Q: Do you have any plans for the next 2 years?
A: Yeah. I will be focus in modeling and photography worlds. 

Q: What do major do you take in University?
A: Animation Major :)

Q: You said you wanna be a model and photographer. Why did you take that major?
A: Err.. before I answer that. Let me take you in my past over 18 years. Since I was in junior high school, I always tried everything. From music, painting, model, computer, tennis, basketball, writing, design, fashion designer, guitarist , photo manipulator and animator (this is why I chose animation major). I've been trying to find my true really I love in my life. And I just found nothing. I like it but I think it's not my really really me. 

In 19 years old. I have a DSLR Nikon d5000 ( for studying purpose) At first, I don't really care about photography. Suddenly, I found young fashion photographer based UK. Her images created sensational in my mind. I feel so happy. Then I started to try my own photoshoot. And I really LOVE it!! I enjoy with every second with this thing. I always browsing to get inspiration and learn from it. So, finally I found my true love in my life. And I hope I am consist with this one. 

Q: So, photography is the best thing you want to do. Do you have any plans for the next step?
A: Hmm.. I don't think so. Even, i said this is what i want in my life, I still don't have any confidence to start with this. Yeah, so far I wanna buy new prime lens 50 mm F 1.4 Nikorr and it's quite expensive for me :( I've to get part time job, so I can buy that lens.

Q: How about your modeling?
A: I am 169 cm tall. And this is for sure, I can't be an International Model as what I am dream most. Today, I join in modeling school so I wish that I could be a National Model. :) 

Q: If you have to choose between model and photography. What would you choose?
A: If my photography is success among its world. I would choose photography as well. Because, I can't stand to be a model for long. My big dream is to work around the world. I'll promote my photography to outside of the world. :)

Q: What kind of style in your photography?
A: Romantic, Elegant, and Fantasy. I love editorial shot. Besides, I love photo, I love to work behind photoshop. So, you will find other awkward color in my images. 

Q: What do you think of this words, " Photoshopper is not a Photographer. "
A: Hahaha. I don't care. Like a music, there's so much kind of music. And they have their own lines. Photography is like that as well. As it takes from camera and the result still be called photography even they are changing the color or something else ( If they are collaborate more 2 photo is called photo-manipulation)

Q: Where do you get Inspiration?
A: Anytime, Anywhere

Q: Do you have any advice for someone outside who hasn't get what they want in their life?
A: Hmmm... Just try everything as much as you can. When you get the "click" you will laugh for yourself. And don't get frustated just keep going. Happy searching :)

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