Devil Named Angel

Hello! It's quiet long time I haven't write this post again. And now come up with my new artworks. Before that, I just wanna tell you that finally I found what I want in my life. Yeah, I wanna be on the spotlight and everyone knows exactly who I am. But, I don't mean to be a superstar, I just wanna be a supermodel and fashion photographer. Now, I'm joining school modeling which is I really enjoy it so much even we just walk around for many times. Simple but it means a lot. And I can't wait to be on the catwalk. It feels like my dreams is not far anymore. Thanks god. 

Talking about photography. I can't just leave this. I feel like when I take a picture or I am behind the lens, I can make the world what I want, what I imagine. It's fun, especially in Fashion. I have to think about concept, wardrobe, make up and anything about the set. Cause of what? I haven't someone to join me and make a teamwork. So bad. But, I am sure, someday I can be a famous world-wide fashion photographer like Lara Jade then I be a Supermodel in Indonesia ( I don't think I can success on the other country )

Can I be both of them? I am sure I can be both of them. I know I can. My big dream is to have a job that I can traveling all the time. Amin.

So here we are, my new photoshoot tittle Devil Named Angel. Enjoy!

What do you think? Yea, I know there's a lot to be fix in the next time. You know. I'm excited to make another shoot again. I have in mind that the next shot will be full of color, smile, and happiness. Just wait when the time come. 



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