What the exactly I am?

Maybe I am not a girl who has the specific ability to proud of. Everything is okay. Not bad and not the best too. And today I saw my friend's facebook page. And she is totally makes me think about something twice. Lately, I decided to my self that when I grow up I wanna be a professional fashion photographer. To be honest, I have been taken a photo just several time and I said that I wanna be that. Screw me! Why should I think about this? Why should I wanna be that? Is this good for me? or not?

I decided to focus on photography, it's because when I see all the things about that. I really like it. But I regret that I will give up in the middle of the way or keep going through? I just don't wanna give up like guitar. Actually, I am not give up but I just so-so in that. I want something powerful and awesome that I really proud of it. But how to get it?


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