Love life isn't going well

Hello, here I am again. It's been long time I haven't post anything in here. I've a lot of story to write. It's about love story. Do you ever feel the pain in your relationship? I bet you do. So do I. These lately, I kinda feel so lonely, yeah It's start from the beginning of 2011. My boyfriend has changes a lot. Not to be a good guy, but gone bad. For example, he promised to me to not be a smoker again. But now, he smokes a lot. He isn't care enough like the first we were going to date. Me? I be kinda more care to him. I used to arrange his time when he should get to sleep, eat, do an assignment and etc. And he said that, "you can't going through in my life. this is my life and you got yours" . That's really hurt my feeling so much. I can't stop my tears when I'm writing this. 

This week my boyfriend decided to live at my friend's house because it's close to our university. I hope he will be better person and manage time better than before. But, like I said I was wrong. He is out of control now. He sleeps in the morning, none of his assignments are done. And the worse, he never ever tell me or communicate me through the mobile. He said he is lazy to take the mobile and kinda boring to talk to me. Is that right? Am I wrong If I wanna talk to him? It's been a years we spend together but I feel so hurt. If someone asking me I am happy with him? Yes , it was. It was happy at the moment. But the truth, now is not. 

He is selfish enough to be a boyfriend. He forgot how hard to get me. And when he get me finally. And I love him more now, he dumped me like this. I just remembered when he needs me. Maybe to finish his assignments? LOL. 

You know Andra, if you read this. I love you, but if you don't treat me good. I'm sorry, I can't feel the pain more and more. And if for the next 4 months you're not changes your attitude. We're done. 

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