New Inspiration

Here we are again. I found someone who inspiring me in photography-of course no one can change the best inspirational LARA JADE and NICOLINE PATRICIA MALINA. Yeah, again for many times, the photographer is a girl. So much successful woman in photography thing. Who is she? Yeah, she is Julia Davis. I found her arts at deviant art where the arts are placed. If we see from the costume, make up, and fashion not really wow-like others fashion photographers. But the interesting is about the color and composition. Just check on her deviantart, if you want to look more. 

see? nice color huh? I am kind of obsession girl about potrait photography. I usually browsing about it everyday. I made a tumblr about photography or something else about fashion , quote. here's the link

Okay see ya. I have to check a link which skylice gave me another last minutes. It must be about fashion. yeay! 


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