If I could turn back the time, there's no more a nightmare

" Regret always comes at the end. And it left us a traumatic and feel no spirit for life. And we just can only say if... "

I feel like somebody who doesn't have any soul to live, smile, and do something else. I like a rubish which it's easy to throw it away. "Let me die" That's the words I can thought when it happened. I could feel my tears running down and regret wanted go to somewhere else. I never felt like this way before. This is really killing me softly. I just can't stand like this anymore. This memories always inside of me, cannot just right-click the send to rubish bin and it's gone forever. This is always be a part of my life. The deepest in my life. And I'm so affraid of this. I want to go move on but the sound always killing me. I just want to share what I feel without tell the story. If you know, you're wrong. Stop. Don't make the others caught your stupidity or you will lost everything forever.


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