I, you, and us.

It's very been a long time. I haven't updated my blog that's because I don't have any story to write or photo to share. BUT, I do not really have much time to write this blog or even editing photo or BROWSING!!! Actually, I can stand without browsing any photo/ fashion / maybe stalker my favorite photographer |as you know I'm absolutely love Lara Jade| or anything else.

Oh ya! I got surprised from my boyfriend for my birthday |on 20th december| and my besties came too, even not all can come. Inside, I feel so happy and suprised but outside, I was pretending that I wasn't suprised at all. It hided by my weird-laughing and lack of understanding what they said. Yeah, that is me at real. But, I'm so happy. :D And andra bought me 1 mini-guitar, 1 mini-bass, and 2 mini soundsystem. I really like it. That's what i want from 3 months ago. I love you Andra, so do my friends. 

Then the next day, My family and Andra went to Bandung for HOLIDAAAAYYY!!!!! First we went to Kampung Gajah, the weather so windy. But, I wasn't wear jacket. So stupid. 

After from kampung gajah, we were heading to GH Universal Hotel and stayed for a night. The next day we went to Rumah Sosis and back to Jakarta. 

At Night, Me and Andra finished or one of the Painting's assignment. We should paint about minimalism. And we choose music. We decided to make 2 paintings become one. So, our painting connected with the piano. So check it out. 

-Soul of Guitar-
Why guitar? Because I like guitar most than other instrumental even I am not good on it.

-Soul of Drum- 
|Actually I named this|
Why Drum? It's because Andra loves drum and music. He can't live without them. 
Different from me, he is good on drum and I think he will be success on music career.

-Soul of Music-
They are quite good rite? Yeah, this painting represented our soul to the music and each other.
That if we have different style or personality but we can go stick together. 




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