Got yelled, teased, underestimated by anyone is like an usual routine for me as a dreamer. Why should me? It's because, I am a dreamer who have so much anything wants to do now or future. It started when I tried all of the things without finished first. I kind like a moody girl, bored with something then try another one, always like that. Until I'm saying to my self, "What is exactly you wanna do?". I've been thinking and I got it even it's still doubted me.

Model that's the answer. I like being in front of the lens. I feel like I am here, I can try all of the brands things or traveling and others. But, I know, I don't have enough qualities to become a model. I am not beautiful at all, and I am not a skinny girl which is the most models are skinny. 

Never give up, I still wanna try to be a model with entering modelling school. I know I need a lot of money for that. But, I believe miracle could happen. And voila, my aunt wants to pay it for me. I am so happy, and if I get chance in modelling world, I am promise to be serious on it. No turn back and become more confidence.

Besides that, my inside of heart said that I wanna be a fashion photographer. I love fashion-if not I wont be a model- I love photography, editing, make up. I have DSLR even I do not use it everytime. But, everytime I browse in Internet, the first thing I do is open about photography, inspiration, fashion, and no else. 

I have boyfriend who has a skill on photography. Everytime I asked about photography, he can answer very well. But, sometimes he gets mad usually everytime I break what he said to me. Like, he said don't take from there, but here. And I didn't do that. It doesn't mean I do not listen him, but I want to try something else. I know from what he said it'll works. I just want to explore. :( It's so sad sometime he teaches me with his nerves again. Enough from got yelled. 

Here they are some new pictures that I found recently, the first one is taken by me. But the others from Nastasia Dusapin , her pictures are amazing.

This is Nastasia's work. Enjoy! 

* 3 above is her. She photoshoot for Paullete Mag.  




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