I don't know where life will brings me


 It's been a while I've been thinking that "What will gonna happen after this, tomorrow, or next year or another time?" Because no one knows the future. Like me, until now I don't know what i wanna be. But, I realized that I have so much big passion on modeling career but it too much risk for me, my boyfriend, and my family, or anyone around me or know me. So, I've been decided that I have to prepare if modeling is to risk for me and If I fail to get there. 

So, I decided to go Animation Major in My University. I am quiet sure that I am in the right major, because I love Animation even it is so hard for me. But, voila I did make some stop motion and animation for my boyfriend as 5 months we spent together. I didn't have much time to make it, because i had only 2 days to make it. Fortunately, I made it. Because I believe that it'll be finish in the right time. Am I looks good to be Animator? errrr... I can't think about it now. 

Besides in modeling and animation, I do like photography so much. I know I don't really good on it, but I'm trying slowly. Fortunately, Andra, my bf so good on photography. So I can ask him, in fact he usually gets so hard when he teaches me. I don't know why. So here it is some, my recent random photographs. 

There are also on my flickr .

Have a nice day people. :D



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