Do Painting Spent My Day

Today, I started with smile and Blackberry phone on my hand as usual. Tried to wake up my boyfriend who hard to wake up early lately. Today's plan is to make holiday assignment which is painting. We spent all day to finish it. It's not as easy as we say "painting". Andra almost got stressed with his paint and so did I. Actually, I was jealous with him at the moment because his painting looks real and good. And me? Who had been learnt painting for almost 2 years, not really looks so real. I didn't want to look sad in front of him, so I decided to sleep for a while. 

Voila, Andra called me, and a coconut had been painted very done. I didn't ask him to help me, but he did. I hugged him and said thank to him, at least it made me calmer than before. After that, I helped him with the background and the table, so it looks good. Yup, it's getting late,and time showed us 12 o'clock in the midnight. Painting time is over, and we felt so tired and screw up. We done it very well. If Andra didn't come to my home maybe I wouldn't finish it. Thanks to him that he gave me a spirit even though I was jealous with his works. 

But, I do believe that god give us a special gift, we just don't know yet. That's our job, to find it. And I hope I can find it as soon as possible, then get serious on it. 

|The first one is mine, and the second one is his-my boyfriend|

*ps: Sorry for bad picture, this is because I took with my Blackberry. Lack megapixel




Skylice said…
oh to the m to the g! i always envy your painting skill! div kalo ngelukis yang di dahuluin background dulu apa objek apa mejanya yg diwarnain! please gimme the tutorial!! gw belom bikin aja loh! omg! panik!
Skylice said…
++ i think yours is better! but his coconut look awesome

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