Have you ever did the same mistake?

I've been thinking lately that I always do the same sin each day. I feel so regret, but when the time come, I'll do my sin again and again. What should this happen to me? I don't know why. I'm trying to not do it again. Yeah, my friend said that spend the young life with fun. Yeah, but I have some a little space that I feel so regret most. Something a little that can turn to be big when the time come and ruin  my life.

I am pretending that I have never ever did that, so everything is going to be normal. I just affraid, that something I never expect would be true. What is that? Something precious that I just got 4 months ago. Something that could erase my nightmare past and give a chance for me to fix it. I love it. I don't want to lose it. Even I know, no one knows the future. But I just want to make sure, that it will be my future. 

God? Forgive me. I promise to not do that again, but don't take my precious thing for the second time. I already fall in love with it.




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