Glamour VS Hippie (Photography)

Many of my friends know what they want to be except me. I don't know what I wanna be, I don't know something I really really like to do. I like to playing guitar, painting, digital imaging, photography, and everything about fashion. But, I don't know which one is the best for me. I've been dreaming to be a model since I was grade 7. I think be a supermodel is cool. I can wear branded fashion and show the world that this is good. Yeah, something like that. But, I know be a supermodel have to be a perfect on physical. My friends said that I am good on it, but I don't want to be just supermodel. I have to be side job or main job. 

Suddenly, I found my another hobbies. There are photography and digital imaging. I love both of them. But I do really really like about digital imaging. Sometime, I took other picture and I edited it to make it looks better. And voila, it works. So, I asked my besties to be my model, even though it didn't go well. But, i got 2 pictures that I love it. 
Here it is,

Her name is Sarita Larasati. She is so skinny, and she looks cute on hippie clothes. The clothes from her except the boots, it is mine. 

And last, she is Shabrina Fitriandari. She obsession to be good on camera. This is one of the best shoot of her. She is so cheerful, so I decided her to wear colorful things. All of that are mine. 

I want to shoot another model and theme. Maybe next time. 




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