Do we have to do NUDE shoot to become International model?

"Do we have to do NUDE shoot to become International model?"

This question always come up in my mind. Do we? Or it just one of the way to gain a popular? I don't know. Since I joined Model Mayhem which is a site where model, clothing designer, make up, and photographer meet. It's a cool site, if you are getting serious on it. I joined it and waited for 2 days to accepted by the mentor. I uploaded 4 pictures which are taken by my friend when I became her model. The pictures are quite good, I like it so much. 

When I accepted, 2 photographers were offering me a job. One in Indonesia, and other in Thailand. They think that I am good, even though I just 5' 5". I feel so exited at the first, and then they explained what the concept. They wanted nude shoot. Oh my God, I've been thinking. Am i not good for fashion shoot? Then photographer from US told me that I am to hard in doing Fashion cause I'm just 5' 5" . It made me get down at first. But, I ignore him, cause it doesn't mean i don't have a chance, rite? 

I denied with the nude shoots, I just interested with fashion and beauty shoots. That's it. That's why i wanna become a model. Besides I love pose in front of camera, I love to wear an unique, expensive, and branded wardrobe. It feels so excited. I wanna be a superstar, I wanna walk in red carpet with the best dress. 

Back to the tittle, by the way. I go to far away from the topic. I don't think to become international model we have to a nude shoot first. We have an option rite? Because until now I don't know what's the good point of nude art. It just my think, maybe outside there. Nudity is good. But, for me, it is not. And I will become a model with height just 5' 5" or 5' 6" without Nude shoots. Amin. 



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Samantha Ferguson said...

Right On! You shouldn't have to do anything you don't want to. Chase your dreams and you might just catch them :)

I'm 5'9 and I model and catwalk, but I have seen shorter models do well too, they just have to want it :)


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