Countdown to 2010

Yeiy!! finally 2009 almost over. Sounds so fast rite? yeah me too. I feel like i was still freshmen in high school but in fact i am in the college now. I'm taking animation computer graphic. Sounds so hard, but I'm trying to do my best. :)

There's much accident which made me happy and sad this year. But, that's life. Life must go on. And hope 2010 will be better than this year. Amin!!

Okay i wanna make a resolution for 2010. there here is:

1. Minimal result of my subjects is 3,2

2. Update my macbook's specification
3. Join modeling school
4. Get dslr camera nikon d90 or canon 500d
5. my creativity and inspiration increase
6. my weight is 50 kg
7. my height is more than 170 cm
8. yeah , have a boyfriend
9. update my deviantart and blog.
10. have a good life :)


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