Oh, it's such been long time I'm not write my blog again. I'm so busy with aSHITment. :D Actually, i am in addicted with Tumblr . I'm starting to like Taylor Momsen's style from there. Yeah, maybe I'm gonna change my style with a little of rock and roll. Yeah!!

And here it is the picture which found in Tumblr in here. So sweet enough for people who missing someone so badly like i do. :( I've been thinking lately. I don't know what god decided to me. I love someone who so far away from me now. But, I am so tired to wait for him. I've been waiting 2 years just for him. These days lately, I usually text a message to a boy who i knew from my old friend in high school. Yeah, i don't know. I'm confuse, what should i do? Keep waiting for him or try to another one? Or neither of that?


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