Hello from Perth

Hai, everyone. This isn't my first time to make a blog. I had many blogs before. But, I felt so bored with that. So, I am Divanda Gitadesiani, you can call me Diva or Princess Diva. Lol. I just kidding with the princess, just forget it. And i am obsessed with something about foreign. I have 2 sisters. And I'm going to Communication Visual Design subject in my University. Then when i am in years 2, I'm going to take Animation Computer Graphic. Cool hah? Yeah, it's cool. So, when i am done with my movie later. You should watch it. lol :D

Okay, enough for my introducing. I think many of you asking why i wrote tittle with "Hello from Perth", that's because I am in Perth now for holiday. I've been here since 3 days ago. I am traveling by my self and staying in my auntie's house. Her family live here.

My first thought about Perth is "oh my god! i can see my breath on the air" lol. I've never seen my breath in the air. You know, Jakarta-the city i live in-so hot and tropic. It's winter in Perth, but there's no snow here. Just the weather is 3 degree. I wear 3 shirt then jacket. And my hands are becoming blue. As you know, I am writing this blog using glove in my left hand. hahaha.

The picture on the above is Swan Bell Tower. the story about it. I'll tell ya later. Cause I've to go to somewhere. Ciao.


Skylice said…
you should put me on your suit case y'know! hahaha eh eh follow gw juga dong say ;)
hahaha. yeah you should. udah aku follow. ntar help2 me yeah. :)

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