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[PART 1] 20's Insecurities : Question over question?

You and I (of course) have very common questions screaming over our head. "What is my future would be?" "Could I living the life like them?" "Could I be success?" "What if I fail? I already 26, I should be stable in both of relationship and career. I need to run. But to where?" If you are one of them, congratulation and welcome to the twenties crisis or maybe if you ever heard this word, quarter life crisis.

I'm going to be 26 years old next month and I can say that I actually not that strong enough to think about my future in positive way. But, it is enough for me spending my two years wondered that I couldn't live the life like I want to or worry so much about my future. Or even the worst, I fail and broke.

The first step from what I learnt is...
"You have to be commitment and consistent to your self and focus with one thing and let the others rest temporarily." But how?

Every successful person already go…

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